Currently in Unibán we are a team of 745 people, geographically distributed in Medellín, Urabá, Santa Marta and Bogotá.

Unibán generates job security for its team where 91% of people have an indefinite term work contract, 4% have a fixed term contract and 5% correspond to apprenticeship contracts.

The average age of the members of the company is 19.5 years, which shows the affection and connection that the company generates with its employees, where they make up the "Unibán Family", an affective and work bond that transcends over the years.


Labor welfare activities:

Unibán organizes participative events for the employees and their families in the different bases of operations.

The Urabá branch organizes the triathlon and a cycle ride that goes from the Head office to the Las Americas farm (pineapple farmland) to encourage healthy recreational habits.

The Medellín branch organizes an annual bowling tournament where the employees from the different areas and branches have an opportunity to meet, share and socialize. 

Each period of five years working for the Company, is recognized in an annual ceremony.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

The 2017-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement was established between Unibán and its employees, to give them additional benefits.

Unibán invested nearly $5.000 million per year in the 2014-2017 Collective Bargaining, which ended up being executed in a timely manner, in accordance with the terms established therein.

Over the course of that period, the employees enjoyed several benefits from the agreement, some of which were: Christmas bonus, semi-annual extra bonus, vacation bonus, health care, education aid, scholarship grants, seniority bonus, eyeglass aid and housing, vehicles, family emergency and free investment loans.


“Tiempo para cuidarte” - Unibán Benefit Vouchers

This strategy aims to reach a balance between the personal and the work life of the employees, through the use of benefit vouchers that must be redeemed over the course of the year, on a date previously agreed with the immediate boss.

The employees have benefits to choose from, some of which give them extra time to spend with their families, to celebrate their graduation or that of their children, have time off at their birthdays, at the birth of their children or grandchildren or Christmas time, arrive one hour later or leave one hour earlier from work, among many others.


For the administrative staff in some of our locations, the employees have the possibility to choose the entry and exit schedule that best suits their needs.


Security and health at work:

In all our processes, we ensure the safety and health promotion and care of all our employees, through strict legal compliance, internal awareness campaigns for all people, prevention and promotion activities on health issues and the permanent training of our emergency brigades.