We have our own snack plant, equipped with cutting-edge food processing technology, based on high quality standards and the participation of a high-skilled team of collaborators.

The production of snacks uses natural ingredients: fresh bananas and plantains, vegetable oil, salt and natural flavorings. We use no additives or artificial preservatives.

Since the equipment used in the elaboration of these snacks was specially customized in agreement with our own particular cutting, frying and packing requirements, we can guarantee the high-quality of this product.

Our production methods ensure: 

  • Low oil absorption.
  • Consistent chip size.
  • Consistent crispness and taste.




Our snacks are exported to North America, Europe and the Caribbean and distributed in the most important supermarket chains in Colombia.


Compliance with the standards

The production of Unibán snack is in full compliance with the following standards:

Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP:  Ensures uniformity and control during the production of our snacks, in agreement with the highest quality standards and commercialization requirements.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – HACCAP: This standard helps the food and beverage organizations to identify any food safety hazard in their products, avoid food safety hazards and address compliance with the law.



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