Unibán's Logistics Services connects all the economic sectors of the national industry with the markets of Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean.

Our Services

  • Ship assistance
  • Port logistics services for import/export shipments.
  • Container yard with a 2.600 FEUs capacity.
  • Container transportation
  • Land-based services for import/export shipments.
  • Dry/refrigerated goods storage.
  • Customs and bonded warehouse
  • Areas to speed up the shipment inspection by the DIAN, the INVIMA, the ICA and the National Police’s Antinarcotics Directorate.
  • Scale services for loose/truck-size products.
  • Refrigerated/ frozen goods transfer area.
  • Repair of dry/reefer containers
  • Refrigerated containers energy supply.

Competitive benefits

  • Access to a private direct canal with access to the Gulf of Urabá.
  • Safety and experience in the control of all types of products, including hazardous material.
  • Assistance during the custom clearance and the shipment inspection process provided by the foreign trade authorities.
  • Access to the most important commercial shipping lines with easy connection to different ports of the world.
  • Proximity to roads, including the one that connects Urabá with Medellín and the rest of the country.
  • Competitive logistics fees.
  • Qualified personnel inproduct handling.
  • Strategic allies to facilitate the whole foreign trade process.

Distance between cities




Difference in Km

Savings percentage


 1.101 739  362 33%


643 340 303 47%


837 534 303 36%


858 555 303 35%


910 607 303 33%


1.012 779 233 23%


Urabá’s strategic location

The proximity of Urabá to the markets of Central America, the United States and the Panama Canal, provides the national industry with exciting possibilities of commercial exchange, as they are 40% closer to the main production and consumption focal points of the country   —Bogotá, Medellín, the coffee growing axis and Boyacá—, the possibility of having an interconnection with the departments of Córdoba and Sucre, and the improvement of the road infrastructure of the region, transform Urabá, into a key spot for the enhancement of Colombia's foreign trade.



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