productor uniban

Producers represent the main customer base and the essence of the Unibán business; therefore, the company relies on them, along with some business units, to implement a series of high-impact initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality and ensuring the competitiveness of the fruit produced in the region.

In pursuit of this interest, the following initiatives have been implemented:


Quality Management System - QMS

The sustainability and placement of our products in the international markets has been the result of steady high quality standards. In light of the above, our Quality Management System exerts control over each stage of the harvesting/packaging process.


Productivity  Management System - PMS

The Productivity Management System aims to enhance productivity and improve the production by way of measurement activities, good agricultural practices and the standardization of processes carried out with the technical support of our team of agronomists in each one of the farms.


Leadership training programs and communication campaigns:

Our business management is founded on education, commitment and quality awareness; therefore, we have undertaken a series of training programs in cultivation, management and team leadership, specifically developed for the benefit of producers, managers and coordinators. Additionally, we encourage the importance of performing each task with a high degree of excellence, through the implementation of communication campaigns that reach more than 9.000 employees


Geographic information system (GIS):

This mechanism enables the planning of the management and monitoring activities of the productivity indicators, in relation to the other factors that affect the crops.



The TropiMóvil application was created to hasten the processes and foster the use of technology in the croplands. By using this app the producer has the possibility of carrying out and keeping track of different tasks such as the operation of the packing plant, the reading of UM and PTI labels, and controlling the dispatches of fruit.

In addition to improving the timeliness of the information, this application enhances the whole marketing and supply process by providing increasingly consistent data from the different stages of the fruit packing process. The TropiMovil mobile app is available to download from Google Play.