The Commercial Stock is the best option to purchase inputs for banana growers, plantain and pineapple in terms of price, quality and delivery.


It´s headquarters is located in Apartadó, where serves producers Cañargordas, Chigorodó, Carepa, Apartadó, Turbo, Necoclí, San Juan among others municipalities. Similary, the stock has a headquarters in Belén de Bajirá, where serves producers Mutatá.

It also has a Fuel Service Station, located in Apartadó, to serve producers and others.


The stock serves approximately 200 banana producers and 1,700 plantain producers who export through Uniban.




C.I. Uniban S.A. - Calle 52 # 47 - 42 Ed. Coltejer P.15 - Medellín-Colombia - PBX. (57-4) 511 55 40 FAX. (57-4) 511 87 86 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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