Uniban Shipyards is a division of C.I. Uniban S.A. dedicated to maintenance, repairing, and building of naval artifacts with a steel hull. It is located near the Gulf of Urabá, in the townships of Carepa and Turbo.

Shipyard Uniban - Area Industrial Zungo
Shipyard located in the industrial area of Unibán on the Leon River in the municipality of Carepa, Zungo corregimiento.

It serves boats low vessels such as barges, tugs, flat, etc., with a draught of up to 8 feet. It currently has a troja in parallel with ability to meet ships from 2,200 GRT.

Shipyard Uniban - Casanova
Shipyard located at 900 m from the mouth of the Gulf of Urabá, in the vicinity of the municipality of Turbo.

It has an approximate area of 14 hectares for future developments, as well as a troja basin with a capacity of 500 GRT, sleeves up to 9 meters and a length of 160 metres.

Our Services
All our facilities are adequate to meet construction and repair services, metalworking, sand blasting and painting, special constructions and supply of materials and duly certified equipment from the factory.

Each shipyard has its own infrastructure: warehouses, materials such as high-capacity cranes handling equipment, Airless paint application and equipment all the technical requirements necessary to ensure that the work under the highest standards of construction and safety.


- Trojas type slip from 80 to 160 ml. with capacity up to 2,200 tons.

- Construction and maintenance areas for large vessels handled by Launching Airbags, allowing docking positions quickly, without affecting the contact areas of the boats.

- Winches.

- Cranes, hoists and elevators.

- Plasma cutting equipment.

- Equipment flux cored wired welding.

- Sand blasting equipment airless.

- Others.




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