It is the company responsible for transporting exportation banana from Turbo, Colombia towards the North American market.

Isabella also provides transport service for both imports and exports for all industries and national commerce.

It is represented by Interoceanica Ageny Inc. in the United States, which has its headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida.

The company has regular frequency from the United States with short transit times, which guarantees excellent quality at the moment of lending our services. The location of the ports in the United States is strategic for internal transportation of the merchandise, for which we have three routes:

•    The Gulf Route:
Turbo – Freeport – Turbo with a weekly frequency
Turbo – Freeport – Limón (Costa Rica) – Turbo, monthly
Turbo – Freeport – Cartagena – Turbo, fortnightly

•    The East Route:
Turbo – Philadelphia – Limón (Costa Rica) – Turbo, weekly

•    The New Route:
Turbo – Limón (Costa Rica) – Freeport – Turbo, weekly




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